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Frazer John Recruitment make quadruple promotion

Frazer John Recruitment make quadruple promotionCelebrating its sixth anniversary this month, Manchester recruitment firm Frazer John Recruitment has announced it will be promoting four members of its 35-strong team.

The announcement comes after a busy six years, during which time the business demonstrated 100% year-on-year growth in its start-up phase, and has averaged a 50% year-on-year revenue growth over the last three.

With aspirations to propel growth further and formally open its London base, Anna Chenery, John Mackey, Oliver Matthews and Nathan Jones have been promoted, positioning the business for its next phase of evolution. 

As part of the quadruple promotion, Anna Chenery has been appointed as Senior Partner Client Services, John Mackey as Managing Partner for the Manchester office, Oliver Matthews as Finance Director and Nathan Jones as Billing Partner.

Speaking of the firm’s plans for the future, Founder John Dyson paid tribute to the endeavours of his Manchester-based team.

He said: “Last year we announced our plans to expand beyond Manchester and that ambition is now bearing fruit. A number of London-based colleagues are now progressing our growth outside of the North, and our next step is to open our second UK office, operating from the capital.

“Central to that ambition is the strength and expertise of our leadership team, and we are delighted to have been able to recognise the work of Anna, John, Oliver and Nathan, and see these core positions filled by internal candidates.

“With true dedication to the aspirations and culture of our business, each has worked tirelessly to support candidates find new careers and advance the Frazer John Recruitment brand. We have a great team and we are incredibly excited for the future both in Manchester and London.”


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