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Pay it forward: Helping new recruiters get their foot in the door

September 13, 2018  /   No Comments

James Lloyd-Townsend

In the face of a competitive job market, where the idea of a ‘job for life’ is fast becoming a thing of the past, professional development is more important than ever.

Today’s jobseekers – particularly those entering the workforce for the first time – face stiff competition in the fight to catch a hiring manager’s attention and earn a spot on their shortlist. There was a time when breaking through the ranks felt easier, and was something that a jobseeker would only have to do a handful of times throughout their careers; just once, if they were really lucky.

Now, working people have more jobs throughout their lives than ever. Often motivated by a lack of job security, a quest for higher wages, or a desire to experience something new, workers are migrating – not just between jobs, but industries too – at a previously unseen rate.

Training is essential

Whether someone is looking to get their foot in the door for the first time, or trying to break into an entirely new type of work, there is one thing that will undoubtedly benefit them in their search: training.

Hiring is a big investment, and businesses are looking for assurances that they’re making the right choice when bringing a new employee on board. A candidate who can show that they’ve undertaken some kind of training will not only be able to prove that they have the kind of skills the hiring company needs, but also illustrate their commitment to their own professional development.

A robust, lifelong training plan has been a core component of Frank Recruitment Group since we launched our very first brand in 2006. We’re committed to delivering a high standard of service to our clients and candidates, and we understand that to maintain that level of quality, we need to keep building our skills, adapting to change, and developing better ways of working.

Supporting talent

We believe in supporting talent at a grassroots level, and maintaining a pipeline of new blood that will continue to innovate and improve our industry. To that end, we pride ourselves on being able to offer rewarding, long-lasting careers to driven people, no matter what their previous experience levels.

We wanted to share that philosophy with those considering a career in recruitment, to give them an idea of what to expect, and help them build the foundational skills and knowledge which will stand them in good stead to launch their careers.

We realised that, while there were a lot of recruitment training courses available online, few were free, and even fewer of those were created by a company with over a decade of experience as a leading force in recruitment. We felt that we could use the knowledge we’ve accumulated to prop open the door to burgeoning recruiters; after all, we know what makes a great recruitment consultant, because we employ hundreds of our own.

Frank Recruitment Group Training Academy

So, Frank Recruitment Group Training Academy was created. A free online training course that teaches the basics of recruitment, the Academy provides students with a comprehensive view of the recruitment life cycle, and offers practical tips and strategies for every stage of the process. The course will give anyone who thinks recruitment might be a great choice for them a glimpse into how the industry works, and offer them a head start on gaining the necessary proficiencies.
We’re confident that the course will furnish students with practical, valuable skills; so much so, that students who pass the final assessment by upwards of 95% will be invited to attend an interview with Frank Recruitment Group at one of our 10 global offices.

Get to know your clients and candidates

The best recruiters aren’t the ones who simply read from a script; outstanding recruitment is about getting to know your clients and candidates, and truly understanding their needs so that you can work out how best to meet them. However, there are inevitably going to be ways of working that consistently yield great results, and it’s those practices that we’ve tried to distil into the content of this course.

Frank Recruitment Group Training Academy is the culmination of extensive analysis of our own processes as a leading recruitment company. Our training teams are constantly examining our achievements and shortfalls to try and improve the service that we deliver.

Communication, knowledge, trust

Though every recruiter will develop their own methods over time, there are certain attitudes and approaches that show up in every successful placement. Great communication, sound market knowledge, and unshakeable trust; these are just a few of the foundations on which excellent, consistent service is built, and it’s these tenets that we aim to impart throughout Frank Recruitment Group Training Academy.

We wanted the course to be reflective of the kind of customer-centric attitude that we as a company take to recruitment, but also be broad enough that recruiters and those interested in sales can find it useful, no matter what their current employment or circumstances.

Though the course is ideal for those interested in recruitment to get their first taste of the skills they need, it’s also a great refresher for those who’ve already started their recruitment journey. Whether a consultant is looking to hone their skills, or refocus their processes, the Frank Recruitment Group Training Academy features tips, advice, and resources to help recruiters achieve success both for themselves, and their clients and candidates.

James Lloyd-Townsend is CEO at Frank Recruitment Group

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  • Published: 5 years ago on September 13, 2018
  • Last Modified: September 12, 2018 @ 8:27 pm
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