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Cultural fit a priority when hiring new staff, study finds

September 28, 2017  /   No Comments

Cultural fit a priority when hiring new staff, study findsNearly two-thirds (67%) of employers say a candidate’s cultural fit is ‘very important’ when looking for new staff, according to a recent study from job board totaljobs.

totaljobs talked to over 100 employers from March to May this year and found that only 1% said cultural fit was not important in the hiring process. This is compared to almost 1 in 5 employers who say they wouldn’t hire a candidate if they weren’t the right cultural fit for their organisation (e.g. didn’t share the same norms, values and practices found within their company).

When it comes to their culture, there is agreement among employers, with 78% describing their culture as friendly. This is significantly higher than the 47% which describe it as professional.

Matthew Harradine, director at totaljobs, commented: “With new, innovative and collaborative ways of working, company culture is becoming increasingly important at all stages of the recruitment process. Having an attractive company culture can help to attract and retain staff, and our recent report shows a clear link between a strong company culture and happy, more efficient employees.

“Much like reputation, company culture takes a long time to build but can be broken in an instant. It’s important, therefore, to not rock the boat with new hires – they must fit in with the company culture you’ve created.”

The study also revealed just how important company culture is to retaining employees, as well as hiring them in the first place. Over three-quarters (76%) of employers said cultural fit helps to improve staff retention, while 70% said it improves job satisfaction. Sixty-four per cent (64%) said it makes work a more fun place to be for everyone, while 60% said it even increases productivity and it makes employees more committed.

In order to improve company culture, employers have offered their top tips, which include: encouraging a positive team atmosphere (76%); recognising and rewarding great work (57%); encouraging strong relationships (54%); improving communication (51%); acting as a role model to employees (50%).

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